The Power of Visualization

wine bottle in basketA few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go away for a few days with my husband, alone, without our five kids.

As we were running out the door, we received one of those airline update texts, you know, the ones that tell you the flight is delayed.

Eventually, we made it to the airport, dropped off the bags and went through the pat down, rub down, disrobing and radiation.

It’s weird to see so many men coming through putting their belts back on. It looked as if they had just, well…never mind.

All was well. We were just waiting to board. The scheduled departure time hadn’t changed, but we were not boarding. And the Southwest employees began to pass out snacks and drinks.

We all new what that meant…we were delayed again.

So of course, we all started schmoozing. I turned to one lady and said, “If they really wanted to make us happy they’d start bringing out the booze, don’t you think”? “Go ask her”, she said.

The lady followed me over and I repeated what I had said, to the airline employee. “Sorry, I’d love to bring it out but all we have is soda and bagged snacks”, she responded.

We were laughing and visualizing how fun it would be to pass out bottles to everyone.  As she pulled snacks out of her bag, a piece of paper attached itself to her hand.

She waved it around, then took a look at it and started to laugh…it was a voucher for a free adult beverage on the plane!

The woman I was talking to looked at me.

The airline employee looked at me with a baffled expression on her face and said she had no idea what it was doing in her bag of snacks.

She smiled and told me it must be for me. I visualized it, so I got it.

That’s the power of visualization.

If, in your mind you can see it, experience it, feel it, taste it, or smell it, then you can create it.

You have the power to create anything you want.

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photo credit: Wicker / Rattan Wine Basket – RedfordRetro via photopin (license)


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